Creative Collaboration - Painting a Skateboard Deck with Paper Rain

I'm excited to share the story behind my recent brand collaboration with an amazing local company, Paper Rain. They specialize in creating beautiful longboard decks and have collaborated with some fantastic international and NZ artists.
So, how did I land this collaboration? Let's get into the story!

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How the Connection Began

Paper Rain has been on my radar for a while, and pitching to them for a collaboration was on my to-do list for this year. To my delight, they actually reached out to me via Instagram DMs! After some initial conversation, I invited them to my Open Studio event which was in February 2024. Meeting them in person was wonderful, and we had a great time discussing which of my artworks resonated with them the most. They were particularly fond of my newer, more illustrative style.


jasmine kroeze paper rain brand collaboration

Getting Started and Timeframe

The team at Paper Rain sent me two longboards to paint, and I had a tight deadline to meet. This was because the skateboard decks are part of a group show called Art/ Nature in Palmerston North. The entire process took about ten days, with multiple layers and drying times involved. Starting a new painting always requires a few deep breaths, especially that first brushstroke on a fresh canvas—or in this case, a longboard deck.


My Creative Process

I began with my usual underpainting technique, pouring a bunch of paint and smearing it around. I used a warm tone (soft orange) and a cooler tone (blue). Initially, I thought about letting some of the wood show through the design but decided to stick with my typical process since this was a new surface for me.


jasmine kroeze painting skateboard deck process

The "Mother Paint"

One unique aspect of my process is what I call my "mother paint." Similar to a sourdough starter, I save the excess paint from my underpaintings and use it in future projects. This creates a continuity between my artworks, which I find quite special.


Creating Cohesion

To ensure the two boards were cohesive for the group exhibition, I used the same color palette and theme—a tablescape. The inspiration for these paintings came from those small, happy moments in life, like sharing a meal with friends in the sunshine. I wanted my brushstrokes to feel free and loose, capturing the essence of those Carefree outdoor moments.
Based on this inspiration, I decided to title the boards "Good Food, Good Mood".


painting a skateboard deck for paper rain

The Final Touches

After the initial painting was complete and had dried for a day or two, I added two layers of isolation coat. This protects the painting if the varnish ever needs to be redone. Then, I applied a few layers of matte spray varnish. Packaging the boards was straightforward, thanks to the beautiful packaging provided by Paper Rain.


jasmine kroeze with paper rain for group exhibition

Wrapping Up

I'm incredibly proud of how these longboard decks turned out and thrilled that my artwork will be showcased alongside other amazing Kiwi artists. A big thank you to Paper Rain for this fantastic opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at my collaboration with Paper Rain.