My happy place is the New Zealand bush. I love to spend my spare time in nature, it is the ultimate reset after a busy week.
This sets the scene for the inspiration and the unique Kowhai flower is the star of the show.
It's both native to New Zealand and immensely beautiful!
The colour palette includes warm Kowhai yellow tones which are complimented by olive, moss and lichen toned greens.
I am sure the Bolt of Cloth customer will love this bold, moody, yet commercial range.
Each design within the Kowhai range began with hand drawn elements, sketched in pencil then traced with an ink marker. 
The kowhai flowers were actually cut out from paper, as my original concept began as a collage.
I then digitized all of the elements which allowed me to then play with composition and scale in Adobe Illustrator.
The last step was to refine and perfect the colour palette after a lot of iterations!
A range of botanical surface patterns for cushions.
This work was a submission for the Bolt of Cloth 2020 Design Award Competition.

My designs for the Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Awards, 2020.
MY ROLE - Surface pattern design.

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