The workshop vibe provided the brief for the menu design: fun, crazy and exciting.
I began with the illustrations, which is always the fun part!
I drew a bunch of illustrations and couple of fonts in a range of styles.
The hand drawn look really fit the brief, I like how the line work is imperfect.

Then I sat down with the head chef and asked for all of the dishes and what his thought process was behind each creation. 
 We created the copy for each dish, using a lot of tongue in cheek and a big helping of attitude. So fun!

I then put all the elements together and created the menu in Adobe Indesign.
After a few reviews and refinements, I am super stoked with the final result.
"Hell yes! There's so much energy. You hit the brief, bang on!"
Design, typography and icon creation for the Down to Photo menu.

Head chef for Down to Photo, 2019.
MY ROLE - Creative direction, menu design, hand drawn font and illustrations.

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