graphic design branding tauranga new zealand
I looked to men's fragrances for typeface inspiration.
We also talked about what he sends to his clients so I could understand his packaging design needs.
He includes an epic print, candles and a card among other goodies.

I also wanted to make sure Kenrick's personality was represented.
He has a lot of presence and is quite the extrovert. He has a lot of words!
Needless to say, I had a lot of fun playing on this concept. I created a series of brand collateral.
Including stickers and labels which feature an excitable rant and crazy song quotes about love and fire.
logo packaging design tauranga nz
Branding and packaging design for wedding photographer, Kenrick Rhys Photography.

Kenrick Rhys, 2017.
CREDIT - Branding, logo and packaging design.

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