The signature print named 'Rorschach' was created for local New Zealand fashion brand Nyne.
I loved being part of the team and coming up with the creative direction for the W19 collection.
The inspiration behind both the print and clothing range came from Rorschach's inkblot test imagery. I laid out a whole bunch of paper and went crazy with paint. I used the mirroring technique of folding the paper, echoing the aesthetics of the Inkblot tests. Once each hand painted object was digitized, I then layered a selection of the elements and marks to create a large scale print.

Once the directive team at Nyne were happy with the layout, we came up with a few colour variations to explore different options.
The final surface pattern design is moody and a little unpredictable, perfect for a Winter collection.
Custom signature print for Nyne - W19 Rorschach collection.

Nyne, 2018.
MY ROLE - Textile design.

Nyne is a fashion label, based in Tauranga.
The women's clothing brand is sold throughout NZ and Australia.

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