Floral Mural Art


A public mural in Papamoa, New Zealand.
Created in collaboration with the talented Faye Suzannah.
Commissioned by Bloom Early Childhood Centre.

I'll never forget the feeling of walking down the length of 50 metres of blank concrete wall, a melting pot of excitement, wonder and overwhelm! Working in collaboration with the super creative Faye Suzannah we tackled the mammoth project together in what we titled "Mahi Tahi" or working together as one.

Faye also has a background in surface pattern design, so we talked the same language and leveraged our differences.

Working with a clear brief and colour palette from the lovely team at Bloom, we incorporated their strong branding elements and colours within our design. And included a nod to both my own and Faye's unique style.

I enjoyed the chats and laughs with Faye and our clever assistants Charlie and Ines.
Honorable mention must go to Faye's marriage proposal from one of the pre-school boys across the fence who were watching us painting each day!

See the mural

Go and check out the mural, behind Flooring Xtra down Parton Road in Papamoa.
Make sure you tag @pinchandpunch on Instagram!